These are the string lights, a modern and unusual way of illuminating a space. This is a series designed by Jihoon Choi, a Korean designer who is based in Los Angeles. The name of the products is lazy Susan, as well as the symbol. It has a bent stainless steel frame and it’s available in two versions: red and white.

The design is very simple and sculptural. The illuminated walls create very beautiful visual effects. The freeform shape is definitely an innovation in this domain. The light is very delicate, gentle and gentle and the whole series reminds of a particularly beautiful way of exploring the human imagination. These particular lights are perfect for the bedroom because they feature a series of segmented rectangles that create different visual effects according to the angle at which the light is placed.

String Lights Drawing By Jihoon Choi Photo 2

The rectangles that are being used throughout this series are made of wood and they have various dimensions. They are used as a means of introducing more visual points into the décor. The solid cherry wood creates a distinguished, warm atmosphere. It seems like a very inviting but difficult material to create a warm and cozy interior décor. The lights used here are either fixed or pull down, depending on the user’s comfort and desire. They are inserted into the wall using eliminated threaded rods.

String Lights Drawing By Jihoon Choi Photo 3