If you are bored of the regular designs of lighting devices there is a way to avoid piling up huge walls of expensive light fittings and spend only a small amount of money on them. This is the Red White Cage Light by Andrew Seges. It is a strange design of a cage that seems to emit light .It is actually a table lamp that is red coated around the base and white framed by the red cage. It is a strange design for a lighting device, but the effect is confirmed by the brightness and the chic design.

You can choose between the red or the white variants. The base of this lamp is made of anodized aluminum and is spray painted in one shade. It can be either fixed against the wall or can be hanged from the ceiling. The cage that emulates the light of the bulb is made of white aluminum and it shines in white, blue, green or pink. You can have this lighting device for $149.

Red White Black And Blue Cage Light Photo 3