Grey is not a very popular color in the kitchen, especially since we’ve mentioned earlier how grey comes in many different shades. The kitchen in particular is a space that needs to be simple, clean and relaxing and this means grey is not the best option for the whole décor. Still, it’s a neutral and thus you have to make sure that happens.

This kitchen features a grey kitchen island. The whole room is grey and this is basically the rule. However, to try to add an accent color to the décor you need to also add yellow or beige to the mix. Usually the neutral colors are more suitable. This kitchen, for example, features white island and grey cabinets. There’s also a matching grey rug with a similar color. But the rest of the décor is grey, black, white and yellow.

This is a kitchen with an eclectic interior décor. It features green wooden floors and a bright yellow kitchen island. In order to added visual interest, the surrounding walls were covered with geometric cut outs that form a pattern. The kitchen island also features a white frame and white tiles. It’s a spacious kitchen with a minimalist and stylish interior décor. It features grey cabinets, matching sink and worktop.

This is another kitchen with an eclectic interior décor. It has green walls and a white ceiling. The kitchen island also features an unusual and eye-catching design. It’s made of wood and features a curved shape. The rest of the décor is white. As you can see, the kitchen is not all grey. There’s a second shade of grey, probably the opposite of the first one. It’s slightly darker grey and it’s also a warm color.

This is a kitchen with an artistic interior décor. It features vibrant green walls and a white ceiling. There are also green open shelves and work spaces served as a transitional area. The combination of green and white is very beautiful and the effect it has is simple, elegant and stylish.

This kitchen is definitely large but not because it has lots of storage. Instead, it features a small pantry with grey cabinets. If we also consider the fact that the kitchen is a sort of room where the owner prepares meals and eats in a comfortable way, I would say this is a casual décor.

This living room is, as you can see, a combination of grey and yellow. The combination of colors is subtle and not that bright. Also, the two shades of grey are complemented by yellow. Apart from the small green features the living room is also filled with warm tones of brown and peach. It’s a typical combination of colors, patterns and textures.

Another characteristic of modern interior designs is simplicity. Even though the colors are mostly neutral, every room and detail is a little different. It’s exactly what makes them so charming and striking. This kitchen has brown walls and white and pink kitchen appliances but the décor is still inviting.

But if you prefer something more colorful and bright, this office would be a lovely choice. It’s bright, simple and has a fresh interior décor. The colors are also very vibrant and the blue features can be seen in elements such as the pendant, the curtains, the pillows and the pendant hanging above the dining room table.