Although it’s true that the main idea in creating a zen décor is to feel relaxed and to forget about all the problems and worries, this doesn’t make it any less difficult to do. Cluttered rooms can be very relaxing and soothing but there’s also another side to this idea, a more complex and intriguing one. There’s Zen life and it’s about much more than relaxation. This eco-friendly attitude is the defining characteristic of zen rooms.

This space has been decorated with works of art and other creative items that have an artistic look and allow it to have a Zen beauty. The room also has a very interesting lamp, an oversized floor lamp that seems to be floating in the air. It’s a very beautiful and unusual accent piece and it matches beautifully the curtains on the arched windows.

The whole décor is reminiscent of Japanese culture and it’s all about simplicity and harmony. The color palette is also very elegant and soothing. The room features a very calming color palette with pastel tones and very beautiful art pieces. It’s a very stylish room, quiet, relaxing and the image is not disturbing in any way. It’s just the beautiful light fixture that adds the extra touch of harmony.{found on AVB Architects}.

Zen Room Design Ideas With Lots Of Charm And Functionality Photo 4