If you’re looking for a desk lamp that would look lovely in your home, please consider purchasing a small acrylic styled desk lamp. This beautiful desk lamp is very special as it has an original design, an angular look and a very beautiful color combination. Moreover, it’s also very easy to install. It only requires Duct Tape and stronger tools. If you’re feeling particularly talented you can try to create your own pattern. You can use your favorite colors and you can also come up with your own design.

You can choose between three different sizes. The smallest one measures 12? x 12? which is perfect for the office and allows you to place all your supplies, documents, chargers and cables inside. the largest one is 14? x 16? which is perfect for the living room. If you decide to purchase you can be sure that the lamp includes all these details. In addition, it has a low power consumption, an adjustable head and a versatile design.

If you decide to purchase the lamp, make sure it’s not too big or too small so it can be comfortable in your hands while working. It’s also not too heavy so it can be placed on the floor or on a desk or nightstand. If you have one of these it would be best if you also have a height-adjustable desk chair. The lamp’s overall dimensions are 18? in diameter and 18? in height. The lamp is sold for $79. It’s made of solid acrylic and it only comes in black.