Are you ready for a little DIY project that will update your home – and your creative side? Take a look at these creative curtain ideas!

1. Curtains are on the ceiling.

That’s right. In your home, up high, use curtains that cover up the ceiling and you’ll be able to create an ambiance unlike any other. And it’s so chic. It almost looks like they’re decorative. And who needs a manic bathroom when you have such a gorgeous ceiling?

2. Curtains make a room grow.

If you surround a room with curtains, and if you attach some to the ceiling … things will start to look…whimsy. Suddenly you’ll have an amazing living room or bedroom, or all the space you need to put a plant on top of it.

3. Kitchen curtain or door.

Making curtain or door is an easy way to add style to a fun space that might have some open shelving or empty wall space in the kitchen.

4. Chic dining room curtain or door.

Take plain curtains out onto the porch for a casual and easy dining room experience. Or take the curtains inside the house when you’re ready to put an emphasis on decorating the space.

5. Filled with little flags.

Add a little weekend spirit to your dining room by using little flags painted into the curtain! Use pop of pink, white or red for a unique and festive style!

6. Add tassels to the mix.

Do you have the extra room for a makeshift curtain? Use some tassels and some fabric scraps to create this beauty!

7. Use pepeggy tips.

Add little ribbons to your curtain or use little scraps of fabric to make this peggie-inspired print for your bedroom. Of course it’ll make your bedroom look dainty and dainty in a flash.

8. Hang framed art.

Use any type of frames you’d like but smaller. Then, hang it off the wall. It’ll just be an art piece to look at and hang up while you do something fun.

10. Hang towels.

Sometimes you may not have the room or the space necessary for putting in total hours of hanging “stuff.” Instead, use some towels and get them to do it. It’ll be a beautiful touch and definitely something your guests will think of.