how to clean a salt lamp

Start by placing a salt lamp on your coffee table. Make sure the salt lamp is facing upward; don’t put it directly on the table. Next to the salt lamp, pour in 1 cup of table salt.

Gently brush table salt onto the lamp, making sure the salt doesn’t touch any part of the lamp. Then blot it with a clean, damp cloth.

Repeat this process after showering the salt lamp with a single, large dose. Then blot dry with a clean, damp cloth after washing the lamp.

After that time, rinse the salt lamp with water. It should wipe away any remaining trace of table salt it may have leftover from its original installation. Then let it sit for about 30 minutes, then vacuum up to 6 inches away from the lamp.

Let the salt dry.

After 3 hours, you will have to wipe out the pockets around the lamp post. Use paring knife to wedge the wood slabs into place where the salt was oozed through. Then use a dry, clean cloth to wipe off the salt.

The next layer

Once the layers are wiped away, gently sand the surface with sandpaper. Use 120-grit sandpaper to start at the furthest back of the surface you want to be wiped away.


Use wood glue to secure the flat side of the lamp post to the floor. Then wipe off the salt immediately after securing the first layer.

The Final layer

For the final layer, go fasten the side of the tin can around the top of the salt, before it’s allowed to dry.

Lastly, sand the final surface of the tin can with sandpaper (or 220-grit sandpaper if you want), then wipe away the excess sanding dust. After sanding, let the final layer dry for about 10 minutes before reapplying the next layer of salt. The end result is a crisp, contemporary look for your Christmas tin can.

I love how this tin can look rustic, yet contemporary. It fits in any space and completes the holiday decorating style!