Every day a new approach is being made against the existing trends. The public is often more organized and negative spaces are given a makeover. This can be also be expected when the calendar is as well represented as possible by the major events taking place across the globe.

Calendars are a great way of keeping track of days and seasons and they’re very easy to install. This type of calendar is something you might consider buying for this occasion. However, it might be easier to just decorate your home with stuff you already have. Wouldn’t it look lovely on the table, with tiny colored posters, just like the ones above?

You can be creative and come up with all sorts of ingenious ideas for decorating your home with calendar things. For example, what if you were to put together a bunch of clay plants? Then you can mark the weeks of the week and you can paint them according to the tone you prefer.

There’s a way to make a plain, simple spring daybed look stylish and cheerful. It’s up to you to choose the colors. If you want the bedside table to look peaceful, then opt for pastel shades. If you want it to be full of color, then choose brighths. If you want it to look cozy, perhaps the table should have a few wooden blocks instead of the normal and classical ones.

If you have a home theatre then you know all about the shock absorbers and how they make noise when dirt comes off. So you should probably take a look on buying a shower curtain for the bedroom. It would be interesting to try to install some that are also orange or green, like the ones on this shower curtain for example.