Built In Bathroom is a design project completed by Archika.

The home is located in Baga, Greece.

Built In Bathroom by Archika:

Built In Bathroom By Archika Photo 3

“The project consists of the renovation of a two bedroom apartment with a living room and bathroom, in the middle of a traditional Atlantik masseria, and two extended family houses, one of which is an apartment of two levels.

The existing apartment structure is covered with Pantera wood, the old finish has been changed to white marble siding and the wooden upper floor is covered with Anumos tile, a matching wood, which is also the material used to cover the bathroom.

The upper floor is organized according to the development of the project, the entrance is reached through the room with a glass door and regulates the axis of the steps, in the corridor deeply recessed where the entrance is made and at the back of the apartment there is an open space where a bathroom is placed.”

Photos by: Dimitris Kalapodas