If you’re trying to make your kitchen look more inviting and also to be visually more functional, a great idea is to focus on a single element and go with green as an accent color. There are lots of green kitchen combinations that you can include. Green and brown are always nice choices but you can also choose beige or blue and also other colors. Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create, you can also choose from different tones of green for the lower section and also try the opposite color for the upper section and the rest of the furniture.

The green coffee table would be a very beautiful choice is case you have a traditional interior décor. If you want something light, with a modern touch, then maybe you would like to opt for a green marble top coffee table and maybe some green accent pieces for the rest of the décor. If you don’t want to have anything specifically green, then perhaps some green floral decorations or maybe some green patterns on the walls or floor would look lovely.

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Green also looks nice when combined with brown. Basically it’s just a matter of being careful when choosing the rest of the colors and also when choosing the right materials for the furniture. In the case of the kitchen, the materials could include wood, marble or maybe even metal. Even though wood is the most popular choice for most of the rooms, there’s also a different option of choosing different types of wood, like for example a natural wood or one of the mixed materials listed above.

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