Having a great house equipped with wonderful outdoor area that fit your lifestyle is the dream of every one of us and it is definitely not something that we can achieve by using easy and expensive methods. It is more of an experience rather than a costly one. Nevertheless, it’s worth visiting the best hotels and trying to find the perfect spot to enjoy the views and the fantastic weather. Here is a great place to start from: the Cañete House designed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix. It is a wonderful residence located in La Cañada, Peru and it has a total area of 410 square meters.

The most distinguishable feature of this residence is its large basement. It holds two large pools, one of which is big enough to allow one to swim 50 feet and has a large space near the bottom where one can enjoy a hot bath and a massage. The second basement is a place where one can enjoy a bar, lounge and a barbecue. It is a complete leisure and relaxation area, the perfect place to come home after a busy day at work and a relaxing evening.

The residence is built in a u shaped shape, which makes it welcoming and familiar, creating a home like no other. The beautiful wide angle of the roof provides the unique and impressive look of the house. On the roof there is an impressive pool with a ceiling made out from wooden cylinders, that make the entire shape an original creation. This decorative element makes the entire home look amazing and brings something from nature inside your house.

Another interesting and original feature is that all healthcare requirements are taken care of inside the house. In this structure, there is a huge reception and patient waiting room, a bathroom, a storage room, and a motion detector with real time alerts describing the condition of the room where the patient is coming from.

What is really interesting about this building is its design, as it follows the pattern of the perfect contemporary house. If you take a look at it from the outside you will see only a great exterior shape, as if perfect from the interior. But if you see it from the inside, you will realize the full depth of the earth, the height of the corridors, the width of the rooms and the lighting solutions used to build it. In conclusion, you can find a perfect contemporary house and you will feel like an alien, something like an alien organism that wants to conquer and conquer us all of us.