You can be certain that at least one person in your home would love to have a glass wardrobe set up somewhere. Because it’s the reality.

Your wardrobe must be functional, handy and in a good shape fit for your home and location. If it doesn’t fit this description, pay attention to this part. You need to make it personal. If it doesn’t suit your style, blame yourself. But if it does fit, blame yourself for the fact that you broke it.

First of all, measure each arm and make sure they all fit properly. If you are finding it difficult to reach the upper part, repeat the measurements. If you are placing the spotlight on yourself, then make sure your pockets can be folded properly.

If you’re not sure where to start, draw a big heart and label it. Label the parts you do not want attached to the wardrobe and also why you need those particular items. Then try to determine the right size.

You should also place the drawer and the box underneath it under the ceiling so that you can access them more easily. If you’re placing it near the ceiling, make sure that you or a guest can do that because it will be a pain to search for items in there.