This contemporary bedroom, located in Fukuyama, Japan, was designed in 2010 by hu mama architects.

A pyramid-like structure holds the bed, and another structure that serves as a room divider is formed in front of it, in an attempt to stop the space from feeling too narrow.

teepee bedroom by hu mama architects:

Teepee Bedroom By Hu Mama Architects Photo 3

“The teepee is the swinging door of a house. The bedroom is sliding inside a cubic wedge-shaped volume that holds a bed, counter, stairs, etc. The bed is protected by the teepee. The sliding wall is the twilight area of the room. The teepee is a type of curved wall that has begun to elongate itself and becomes the head of the room.

Teepee Bedroom By Hu Mama Architects Photo 4

The guests, who can sit comfortably on the sofa, can observe the surroundings without disturbing the rest. The teepee is hanging from a concrete beam that spans the middle of the room. The structure has been positioned to allow the teepee to be admired from all angles.

In order to intensify the interior-exterior relationship, the teepee was designed to be like a room divider, provided with sliding panels that help control the brightness and distribute the light.

When open, the sliding wall becomes a covered upper deck. The teepee was enclosed by a wooden roof that maintained its transparency and brought natural light to the room. In addition, this kind of room divider provides the guest with the opportunity to adjust the intensity of illumination throughout the day without losing privacy.”

Photos by: Tomohiro Sakashita