Here is another design created by Planika, an inventive Japanese designer. It’s a very unusual structure and not just because of the shape and the design. The most interesting detail about this sleeping tube is the fact that it has a built-in cooler and a compressor. The media room is located beneath the sleeping area. It can thus be used as a relaxation room. The cool thing about this structure is that it allows the users to sleep without an issue. Of course, it would be a little annoying to have to bring the mattress closer, take a nap and warm up.

This ingenious structure also allows the users to save quite a lot of space. The sleeping tube is incorporated into a large wooden platform. It has a raised floor and a wood-covered ceiling. This platform then leads to the locker room which is spacious enough to include a bed and storage for clothes and toys. The cleaners and the attendants are always close and available. Besides being ingenious and saving space, the structure is also comfortable in a very obvious way. It’s a very nice combination of modern and industrial.