The Golden Dome – a new 3-floor condominium tower on the west side of Tokyo, Japan – is one of the most spectacular projects of the Kuno-based Atelier Tekuto. Designed by architects Kazuya Morita and Cosimo Imanaguchi from Atelier Tekuto, the 3,230 square-foot high monolith supports the equestrian-themed community community, known as Kita-Ishiban Ren, located in the western side of Tokyo, Japan. This unique building was designed using some of the most cutting edge technology in Japan. One side of the tower is protective of a 3D glass floor that opens to the community space, and on the other side, it is glass floor surrounded by red curtain in the case of the 6th floor. In between, a series of walkways or central courtyards surround the tower, that are bound by balconies tinted red in color.

It was quite a unique project, as the building precedes by a law of thumb that favors the creation of cafes, restaurants, as well as designed concept parks.