There are a lot of different aspects that are considered a function of a space. For example, a kitchen is a functional room that needs to be practical and functional but there’s also a living room that needs to feel inviting and cozy. In these cases these need to be balanced and to include personal spaces as well as large enough to be able to accommodate a dining room for four. A kitchen can also or could not include a dining area, bar or kitchen but you can find ways to have them both or not.

Reformula is a furniture company that specializes in creative projects that aim at creating original layouts and furniture prototypes. They have created a variety of original and ingenious furniture pieces, some of which can be considered ecologically chic or modern, and some that would look awesome in contemporary living rooms.

For the time that the company has been creating and developing furniture prototypes, the focus has been on their products and their functionality and those have been their main influences. The pieces that they create have a variety of different uses. They can be assembled to form more complex designs or they can be just a place to display an interesting geometric composition. They can also serve as safe compartments for different items that you want to hide or store but they can also just be used as regular shelves.

All the products designed by Reformula are safe and ecosocial products because they don’t use toxic or flame-safe materials like plastic and aluminum which are flame-free. This makes them suitable for a variety of uses. For example, some pieces can be used as nightstands or as accent pieces for the living room. Other pieces can be used as tables or even as desks. It’s up to you to decide whether the products you want to buy are safe for you or not.