A traditional fireplace mantel can be very beautiful and charming. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. We have prepared a few charming fireplace mantels for you. Since Halloween is mostly decided for the decorations, here are a few ideas of how you can use them to make your house feel more welcoming.

Place the mantel in front of a wall and use large glass jars and containers to create a spooky décor. Then place some spider webs on that wall. They’ll look like spider web holes. You can make them using yarn, coloured tape, markers and a stapler. You can white paint the jars and decide the size of the webs you want to make.{found on site}.

Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas Photo 2

If you want to make a true spider web candle votive, you’ll need two glass jars, some black acrylic paint, a paint brush, some matte polyurethane foam and tea lights. First clean the jars and let them dry. Then place a tea light inside and paint a spider on one side. Let it dry and then put the lid on the vase.{found on thelovelycupboard}.

Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas Photo 3

The vase can be chipped off or made of ceramic. Anyway, after you remove the pieces, you have a set of black ceramic spiders. Put tea lights in each one and light them up one by one. They have to be small and black.{found on thelovingbird}.

This is a similar project but with a slightly different approach. Instead of black lacquered spiders I used black wire and painted the jar. Then carefully trace the spiders and cut off the excess. It’s a little more difficult to make a spider’s web like this one but it’s not that difficult.{found on lardinoisjewellery}.

To make these granite pumpkins you need a hot glue gun, rubber bands, spray paint in three colors (brown, black and white), a paintbrush and a drill. First you cut the rubber bands and wrap them around the pumpkin. Cut them as well. Then spray paint the entire pumpkin. Remove the bands and you’re done.{found on thethriftyba}.

Here’s another idea. Make spider web candles. You need white matches and white spray paint, latex paint in three colors (blue, white and black), a paintbrush and a spiderweb maker. Use light colored candles.{found on site}.

You can also make spooky spider webs which you can offer as gifts for Christmas. For this you’ll need black lace web, black spray paint, a sponge brush, a black pom pom for spider web and a big sharp needle.Wrap the web around a piece of wire. It’s ok if it’s bigger or smaller. Tie it a knot and then add the spider web.{found on designdazzle}.

Give your kids some spooky spider webs for free. First paint the area you’ve chosen for the spider and let it dry. Then make the web using black lace webbing, crochet hooks and plastic spiders. Cut a cork, stake it into the ground and start fixing the web at one point. Fill in the web and make sure it lays flat against the wall. Tie it off with a piece of twine.{found on thecraftyuggie}.

Here’s how you can make spider webs. You need black lace yarn, fishing line, embroidery floss, mini black buttons, a black marker, scissors and a spiderweb frame. Cut the yarn and the floss together and then make the web using fishing line. Repeat until you have the desired length and shape. Trace the shape onto the fabric and then cut the lace or string. Attach it to the web and seal it with embroidery floss.{found on thebedlamofbe}.

This skulls looks quite scary but, at the same time, it’s this interesting form of paper lantern. It’s made of black paper and you can choose any shape to make it fit. Glue black lace on top of the black paper and then cut out a skull. Fill it with flowers and put it in the flower container you’ve chosen.{found on Creativegreenliving}.

If you want to make a spooky wreath to display on the wall, we have the perfect design for you. To make it you’ll need a grapevine wreath, a hot glue gun, faux flowers, wire cutters and wire twine. Cut the stems of the flowers, scatter them across the wreath and then curl the ends.{found on site}.