In our opinion, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house and where the family gathers and spends time together. For that we have made a selection of contemporary kitchen designs that are meant to make your life easier.

1. The Fante storage unit by Xavier was designed for large spaces. It has a compact design and a modern look and it’s perfect for these areas such as the dining room, the living room or the kitchen. It includes a series of tall modules that can be used as cubbies and storage units and it also offers two abstract doors that can be used as a closet.

Chinese Bedrooms With Minimalist Decors And Warm Textures Photo 2

2. The Hadid cabinet gives you the possibility of creating a marbled space just by looking like it. Its feminine and elegant look makes it perfect for the bedroom and the décor. The cabinet is composed of three main components that go together like the tulle of a flower. It includes a steel frame and a lacquered oak front.

3. André Christensen designed a very interesting chair with a tubular steel structure. The chair is perfect for the dining room as it has a curved support and the aspect of transparency makes it particularly attractive. In order to obtain the chair’s original look, the designer simply covered the seat with faux leather.

4. Jesse we are certain you will never encounter a group of six shelves as unusual as the ones here. For the dining area, the choice is a little more complex as there are already built-in shelves that can be used for the storage of plates and bottles. They are integrated into the wooden elements that complete the décor.

5. The concept designed by Peter Stathis is unique and conceptually ingenious. This is a piece that has a wooden base with a metal structure and a simple but striking and unusual fabric curtain. The result is an interesting and unusual collection of furniture pieces that can be used in any room of the house.

6. This is a piece that doesn’t really fit any criteria. It’s a combination between a ladder and a wardrobe and it has a bamboo-inspired design. The two are interconnected and they can be used to store clothes, accessories, bedding, litter boxes but they can also be adapted to also serve as display cases for certain items.

7. Designed by Chaemar Harrell, this piece is actually a pot with a view. It doesn’t really have any secrets and it’s just a big open space filled with air. The pot is airy and geometric and it can be used as a cube when needed. Use it as a storage room for plants for example or as a vase for flowers.

8. Another interesting piece is this ladder that looks so simple and yet so beautiful. It has a sculptural design and it fits perfectly in the corner of an office or reading room. Use it as a storage compartment for your books, magazines, business cards, certificates or business cards.

9. This hanging chair is made of copper and has a very charming look. It looks tiny and can be placed anywhere you want. It looks great in the living room as well as in the office. You can get it for $200. It’s great for the office as it lets you comfortably sit on the coziness of your home.

10. For the kitchen we have one more offering that is very unique: the “stick” tables. Normally when you would use a tray table, you would have to get one from the store and then hand the item to the one in your pocket or under the sofa. But don’t worry, there is a storage option as well. Use the sticks to store small things like sugar, flour, spices, etc.