Modern and elegant bedrooms nowadays have everything that you could possibly want. The furniture is very well positioned and the accessories only increase the home decor factor. This hanging bedside ensemble by Italian company Esedra is the perfect example of how you can perfectly combine a beautiful frame , a nice looking wood and the necessary accessories to create a modern and stylish look for your bedroom.

The bed features a sophisticated platform form which you can collapse in order to free the footrest for another function. The platform features inpainted metal sheets attached to the trunk using metal brackets. The bed also features a very interesting headboard that is made of the same metal sheets, only having a thin look.

Apart from the elegant look, the bed also impresses with the functionality of this piece of furniture. It features a handy foot-rail attached to the top of the platform and hinges which allow you to fold the bed whenever you need more space. This way it remains hidden in the closet or in the cabinet, as it integrates perfectly in the décor.

The iron extensions give the bed a sleek and elegant look and the color is a nice choice too. It gives the bed a modern look even though the overall style is a classic one.

Hanging Bedside Lights By Esedra Photo 4

The headboard is quite interesting as well. It is made of beautiful wood with black wooden legs and it goes well with the rest of the elements. The front features small squares that support the headboard and draw attention to the area above the bed. It’s a simple and quite charming design.