Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Outdoor Bed By Jafeid

We all try to feel like a couple at home and for this we need a bed, but the bed seems to be more of a sofa, so it’s only a piece of furniture that is always missing something. We […]

Modern Pergola Designs By Andrea Rocca

Italian architect Andrea Rocchi has designed this beautiful pergola for a house located in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The residence is a remodel of an historic building from the 16th century. Eco-friendly, sustainable and natural, the resort house is organized around a […]

Oversized Pendant Light By Berti Brothers

Berti Brothers are famous for their colorful and artistic lamps. Their collection of oversized pendant lights is a modern and abstract interpretation of the traditional lighting fixtures. It’s a collection that includes two different models. One is the Slab Pendant […]

Pendant Lamp Kit By Anjos Papas

The pendant lamp kits (not the hanging or ceiling-mounted ones) are the latest designs by Anjos Papas. They are perfect for creating custom designs using an exclusive Amber Glass Black varnish, available in fabulous colors such as: green, purple, red, […]