When you decorate the rooms of the house for Christmas you might think that is the only holiday without another holiday appropriate to do the same. It might be a bad idea because in the case of this particular room in the house you close the eyes and you let the bad thoughts go. In order to solve this problem, you can try to separate these two areas. You can create a different theme for each room and use wood for some of them. For the bedroom for example you can alternate between a warm wood tone and a light pastel one. The kids’ room you can choose the contrast of red and white or green and blue or you can paint their bedroom walls turquoise blue and they can also have a different one of brown, beige, depending on their age.

You can also use wood or even paint for all the walls and particularly for the ceiling. If you don’t want to paint them all this color, but you want to record a certain influence of blue for them, do that by using a stencil.

You can also try to create a theme in each room by using different colors and different patterns. Or you can just mix the colors and shapes that make you happy and try to make them happy. For example I really like the combinations of red and white with blue and the light green. The white pillow represents the clean white and the blue lines are the ones that decorate the room.