This is one of the most spacious bedrooms you could find. It’s very beautiful, simple and inviting. Even though it’s young girl’s bedroom, it has a mature and elegant feel to it. It’s a space that almost everyone would love to have in their home. It’s the perfect combination between being fresh and warm and decorating in a proper way.

The bedroom was designed by Anna A., Finland DK Architekti. It’s a beautiful mix of color and texture and the attention to detail is amazing. First of all, the bedroom has very beautiful white walls and ceilings. The rest of the furniture is also white, but it has been strategically placed in such a way that it creates a very nice balance between the colors and textures. For example, the bed is covered with a cozy and fluffy throw and so is the dresser.

The most eye-catching element in this room would have to be the rug with elephant patterns on it and the thistle-like chair. The rug is hand-tufted and it goes very well with the whole cozy and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, the accent lighting is very beautiful and adds depth to the room.

Small Teenage Girl Bedroom With Unique And Colorful Interior Photo 3

This is another very beautiful bedroom. It’s also very cozy and warm and the focal point is the colorful rug with diverse patterns. Like in the other bedroom presented here, this one also has colorful accents in the form of yellow dresser which is also the window decoration.

Small Teenage Girl Bedroom With Unique And Colorful Interior Photo 4

Also, another nice accent element is the colorful wallpaper with colorful flowers and leaves. It’s an eclectic décor and the colorful elements are very well chosen. The floor, however, seems very old because of all the wood.

The third bedroom is slightly different from the two presented so far. It’s a more sober and neutral décor with a white background. The wall opposite to the bedroom has an old, industrial ceiling with exposed beams. It’s an interesting accent element.

The last bedroom has a more artistic side. It’s a lovely room with a simple but also elegant décor. It’s mostly black and white, with some golden accents. The ceiling is a very beautiful, eye-catching feature, especially during the night.