I know Thanksgiving is already here and by now we’ve seen how great it can be to welcome the holiday in a cozy atmosphere and obviously you would have seen something like this beautiful wood table. This is a pumpkin decorated table. Obviously, everything is natural in this context so if you’re curious how such an event would be like you can check out antiquesdaily for more inspiring ideas.

Most people probably don’t have much time for a Thanksgiving celebration so this might not be a problem after all. Still, it’s an opportunity to make this holiday a beautiful and, most important, a festive one. To make all the work harden and spend time planning everything, you might want to opt for something easy that’s also practical like a pumpkin-inspired table runner.

I don’t know if I’d like to have a wood table runner for Christmas but every year I’d like to get some inspiration from this project shared on overthebigmoon. Here’s what you need for this project: some burlap fabric, ribbon, some pine cones, a hot glue gun, twine, orange and red glitter, acrylic paint and gold glitter.

A wood table runner would be a lovely project for Thanksgiving, Halloween or for just any other occasion. In case you’ll need to make something different, check out this list of awesome table runner design ideas shared on overthebigmoon. We found this one on craftaholicsanonymous.

Have you seen this wide table runner made out of potatoes? It’s not something you see everyday but in this case the process of actually making the runner is a bit more difficult so read the whole story on the craftingagreen.

We found this awesome table runner on littleurloverer. It’s made of lots of colorful little pumpkins which are painted with metallic paint. The orange and red combo is together looked and we really love that.

What if you were to make a table runner using nothing but twine, clothespins, paint chips (white, black and red), sharp scissors and a piece of cardboard (give or take millenia) and some cheap white spray paint? You can give it a creative look by using clever placement but also by choosing the right pattern but more important than that; this design showed how to use the colors to your advantage. {found on craftynest}.

You can also find a lot of great design ideas on how to use paint chips. The idea is simple. Take a piece of paper, say 20×20 and paint one side of it. Then place a board on it and repeat until you cover the entire area. You can paint the napkins first and then add the twine. {found on howaboutorange}.

You can also search for inspiration on howaboutorange. The table runner featured here is actually made of paint chips. Here’s what you need to do: cut out paint chips, punch a hole in each one and drop them into the hole, press down and flip the table over. Repeat until you cover the entire area. You can play with the colors and even make a pattern using tape.

There are many great designs you can try if you decide to paint a table runner. There are plenty of patterns to go with and they all involve paint chips. A table runner can actually look stylish if you decide to use paint chips as a runner. Start by taping a segment of the paint chip down and then begin taping it horizontally across the whole surface. Color, paint, move, edit it. {found on aliceandlois}.

And then there’s also the painter’s tape runner you can make yourself. It’s a really simple process. You just have to peel and stick the tape to the table runner, remove the tape and then you can draw anything you want on the runners. It would be useful to pre-design a design so you have a reference to look at. {found on caitstack}.