As seen from the outside, the houses looks like a huge stone structure, but from the interior you can see that it’s not so, since there are some marvelous wood framed windows there and also a lot of other eye-catching details. On the inside, all the rooms are totally camouflaged, as they were designed as a combination of spaces, but they follow the theme of a home and not following a certain theme, making it obvious that this is an American institution for the whole people, designers and presidents, and not just a local one.

The basic concepts of the structure were well explained by the architects and users and they really made a good impression from the first pictures we saw when entering the house. In total, besides the impressive rooms, the house also presents a huge garden, a swimming pool and a recreation area where you can go out on the terrace and enjoy the sun and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The place is characterized by high ceilings, big windows that allow you to see everything inside the house and a modern fireplace, even though it’s not the most inviting place you could find. The kitchen is also a very modern one, with polished concrete floors and stainless steel appliances.

It’s a very functional place, with enough space for all the members of the family and it doesn’t need too much space around it. It’s a great place for a family home. The interior design is very elegant, with framed pictures on the walls and it’s a very well organized place.