Swiss studio Architecture firm Point Blank is responsible for this beautiful contemporary farmhouse located in the Säntar, Switzerland Alps. The interiors of this cozy house have been designed to create a modern, stylish, but natural home feel and we love the result. In the exterior, we have a large patio that serves as an indoor, outdoor entertaining area by the fireplace hot tub, complete with a makeshift smaller igloo so fresh air can be chilled out in the balmy winter winds. Underneath the warm wood ceiling, our marble fireplace is framed by slate planked square windows that flood the space with natural light – or, in this case, light drafts – which make the room feel like an outdoor sitting area. As cozy as it is, this ski house would be grand made for hosting a party. With the kids locked in for days of ska fun, and a guest list that includes lots of summer to pack, this place is for all the kids!

Handmade porcelain stoneware tile and granite slabs line the walls and floors of the home, creating a rustic feel that is topped off with a large wooden coffee table. The left of the front bedroom entrance, flanked by a glass door, leads to a hall which includes a small formal living space – but hey, what can you do for that space when it’s so small? An alcove in the wall pits the room against the wall, framing a small wooden deck.

The living area is open to the kitchen and dining room via huge windows that can be fully opened, lending an open air, indoor / outdoor lifestyle. The ceiling is painted a soft, light grey – a cool and neutral, clean backdrop to the wood furnishings and fireplace.

A pair of staircases with a steel and wood tread construction lead to the upper level, which is where the bedrooms are. Each bedroom is on a different floor, which means that children might not sleep well when crossing the line of a room and might get caught in their own revervals – either upstairs, or between rooms. At the very least, each bedroom will be accessed via one of two designed loggias on the front of the house.

Here are some floor plans illustrating the living spaces, with a large three-level kitchen:

Here are two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

Oh, and I forgot to mention we’ve mentioned skylights – a very important feature to this building.
Architecture by Wunschhaus Architektur