Can you imagine a more relaxing atmosphere than in this beautiful hot tub area. Just think of all the peaceful moments that you could spend here, in the calm water, watching the stars or enjoying the natural beauty. The house is called the Pangal House and it’s located in West Vancouver, Canada. The inspiration came from the owners’ love of water and of the Pacific Ocean. As a result, the house has a beautiful roof terrace with panoramic views of the surroundings.

The roof terrace offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and the ocean. The roof terrace also provides a second entrance, next to the main entrance of the house. This is a really great place for relaxation. It’s the perfect place to go on vacation. If you also extend to the roof terrace you can enjoy a wonderful experience. The house also has beautiful underground bedrooms.

The background is actually very similar between the white presented above the roof terrace and the dark glass depth of the terrace. The glass surface of the terrace offers total continuity between the indoor and outdoor, letting the users either traverse the interior or exterior spaces or simply log them in.