Bathrooms are not as important as other rooms of a house, but it is important to take care of them so that you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant walk in the morning, ready for a new day at work. And the black bathroom vanity represents the perfect choice for a modern house, meant to provide you comfort and hide behind a simple wall closet. I love these vanity cabinets because they are so colourful and nice and they keep the elegance constant: white surface of the cabinets with black lids and shiny round mirrors.

This way you can admire the nice round mirrors and the colourful front of the vanity and also the elegant design of the cabinet, covered with the shiny chrome wall mirror. You can also keep all the other ornaments like candles, jewels, rings or the small valuable items in a special place where you can reach them easily. In a living room the white vanity becomes a very good space for resting or drinking tea, and the same time you can replace it with a very modern and nice black lamps. The body of the sink and the supporting wall of the bath tub are made of black Venice counter tops.

Black Vanity Bathroom Vanity With Wall-mounted Sink Photo 2

Black Vanity Bathroom Vanity With Wall-mounted Sink Photo 3