Green is a very strong colour and it’s often used for shades of clean and fresh colours, as opposed to darker shades and paints that are generally more dramatic and intense. Still, it’s easy to identify all shades of green from the pictures so you can start making an assessment of the colour you’re going to use this summer and decide which one is best for your bedroom.

Green is a color that can be easily combined with white. You can paint the walls green and perhaps even the ceiling green also, although probably not the best choice for the bedroom. In this case you should use either white or a soft neutral colour. It would help to stop the white paint from getting on the walls, especially during the summer. The walls should be white or light grey, the furniture should be white and you can add some brightly-colored pillows and cushions for more color.

Also, a nice choice for the bedroom, in order to create a calm atmosphere, would be white. This way you can be sure you’ll be able to relax even if the atmosphere is not positive and you could actually feel fine. If you decide to paint only one accent wall green then you can use a nice big green painting to decorate the bedroom.

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If you decide to use only one accent wall and use a green accent wall for the rest of the walls, then you’ll be able to quickly make changes in the room without too much trouble. You’ll know in the meantime that the room is almost done and you should focus on other things.

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Green is also a color that can be used to create a very serene but also elegant décor. Use green for the bedroom if you have a beautiful view or if you want the atmosphere to be calm and relaxing. Also, if you decide not use green, then deep down you know you have a great choice.{picture sources:1,2,3}.

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