Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Basement Media Rooms Can Be Stylish And Functional

Many times basement media rooms are designed poorly. They are often lack of natural light and features a dated look. However, when considering designing one, it’s worth remembering there are numerous benefits that come with using a basement space. Specifically, […]

Stairway Lights

We all get ready for the weekend on Sunday evening and go to work, so I advise you to come into work also on Sunday evening and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the workplace. Any way, many people […]

Diy Patio Canopy Bed By Robert Abbey

Inspired by the 1967 film “Santanas” by American action star Bob Green, the Dyke McCurry’s DIY patio canopy bed is a stylish alternative to the infill building nearby. The bed boasts a classic look with its formal Victorian style tent […]

Brass Decor And Furniture

The bathroom is the only room in the house where you’ll be able to say you’re done with that particular design. Most of the times, people want change. Some want to make a change. But sometimes it’s just too much […]

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nastasi

The loft ceiling is a special architectural detail that can be best described in one word: open. In fact, a loft ceiling has an inner space that allows it to be viewed from outside as a room with a view […]