A fireplace is the element that makes the living room feel complete. It has a strong impact on the entire atmosphere and this can be applied for both interior and exterior spaces. In the case of the living room, the fireplace can be the focal point. Rather than surrounding it with furniture and decorations, it can be placed in the center without attracting attention. This means that looking out of the fireplace for inspiration is rather optional.

Today we’re not going to discuss the most popular choice but rather a rather unconventional one. Fireplaces that have fireplaces usually look just like regular living rooms. This makes them a great option for large open spaces such as open floor plans or traditional homes which share the same concept.

However, a fireplaces with all sorts of designs and models are starting to become more popular. They don’t always have a practical use. Most often, they’re just decorative elements designed to cheer up the décor. Their role is mostly to look nice. So let’s see what an fireplace looks like from different perspectives.

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Now that you know how a fireplace works, let’s see what distinguishes it from all other types or that particular design element. There are obviously many more examples of modern fireplaces. A lot of modern fireplaces are starting to incorporate a functional design involved in their creation. They feature open displays, wall-mounted modules, built-in appliances and lots of beautiful artwork.

Even though they have a modern look, some modern fireplace types can look quite classical. The fact that they usually have very sleek and thin designs makes them versatile and timeless. They are a perfect choice for a stylish living room or a casual family room. And just to make the designs more interesting, a lot of modern fireplaces have a sleek and minimalist style while maintaining their functionality.

There’s a lot of versatility with fireplace designs in general. In some cases, they can even be used indoors. Floors, walls or ceilings can be decorated with a wooden or metal fireplace that would register beautifully in any type of interior décor. Other types of fireplaces feature attractive and colorful designs, employing soft and beautiful colors that would fit a vibrant interior.

The style chosen for a fireplace, however, is not always the same. In some cases, a fireplace starts out as a more ornate structure that it gradually becomes more elegant and stylish. It’s the case of modern fireplaces. These often have flat tops and sleek designs and they almost always match the rest of the décor.

As you may have noticed, most often a modern fireplace has either a traditional or a rustic design. This is the case of traditional fireplaces and fireplaces that have an unusual, industrial appearance. Such fireplaces make exquisite focal points and transform the living room into a beautiful space.

Even though most modern fireplaces have minimalist designs, they still make beautiful accent pieces and have an impact on the décor and on the atmosphere in the room. It’s why they are popular and have that unique charm that can’t be avoided, no matter what style you choose for your home.

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