Jamie Bush & Co. created this contemporary living room concept back in 2010 for a client located in North Carlton, Australia.

It features exposed brickwork, polished concrete floors and a modern fireplace.

Sunken Living Room Concept By Jamie Bush & Co. Photo 2

House Of The Future Pt II by Jamie Bush & Co.:

“The furnishings in this family home in North Carlton were created by Jamie Bush & Co. The need for a more dramatic interior floor plan has introduced a variety of ideas to help the client achieve her dream home.

Sunken Living Room Concept By Jamie Bush & Co. Photo 4

The kitchen, living and dining areas have been enlarged and adapted to the new larger floor plan. The need to retain an abundance of space enabled the bedroom and living areas to be opened up to give the feeling of more space.

The result is a design that allows natural light to penetrate the centre of the house by splitting and hugging the walled zone between the new and old parts of the house.”

Photos by: Shannon McGrath