Home is where the heart is. Of course, this is not an excuse to spend lots of money on expensive rings and earrings. On the contrary, if you’ve got the heart, then you should make a special room in your house for each of your shoes. It could be a hallway, stairwell, laundry room or even the entryway. Shoes are a great way to decorate the house and they should look attractive too, so here are some shoe racks which you should probably also consider for your home.

Shoe rack.

Shoe Racks Designs That Add Charm To The Room Photo 3

One of the most useful things in the entryway is a shoe rack because you can store both pairs of shoes at the same time and also at a quick speed. This wall-mounted shoe rack is made from wood and has a soft-close lid. It’s very easy to install and it’s made to hold 24 pairs of shoes in size.Available for 19 euros.

In mesh of wood.

Most people like to decorate their entryway with framed photos of their loved ones or with inspirational quotes. One such decoration can be this wooden photo holder made from a slice of wood and with lace placed around the frame in which case it will look elegant, chic and even a little romantic. It’s simple and practical.

Decorate on the walls.

If you want to be creative and original, you can give your walls a makeover without necessarily changing much about the old design. You can use acrylic paints and wall decals. Create a rainbow of colors on the walls using this technique and the design will be original and eye-catching.

A floor lamp.

Another very useful thing would be a floor lamp. A great idea is to take a simple lamp, the base being really simple, and base it to the floor. You can paint it using an eye-catching color and make it stand out, even if the base is neutral.

A storage ottoman.

When you think about it, ottomans are probably the most versatile furniture pieces. So, if you think of a drawer threatening you, then maybe you should get a more ingenious idea and make one specifically for the entryway. This one, for example, is made using foot stalls.

Diaper table.

When you have too many family members to take care of, you can sacrifice comfort and even beauty for a stylish accessory like an ottoman which you can use for folding clothes, bags and other things. Opt for a simple table that can only hold a single piece and you can use it as a stool.