The Brazilian designer Valere Lobzos has created the Garden Swing chair.

This comfortable, tree linking and suspended garden swing chair is a great piece of outdoor furniture.

Garden Swing Chair By Valerio Maria Ferrari Photo 2

Sort out your garden design, let the swing sway and sway, swinging in the green oasis.

The Garden Swing Chair by Valé Lobzos:

“The garden is an intimate and private space where family members and friends get together to enjoy time, tranquility and green life. A space where we focus ourselves on simple things, in beautiful colors, carefully crafted pieces of furniture, sculptural objects, or relaxing parquet floors. At the same time we allow people to have fun and take care of their own animals, setting a natural terrain.

The authentic element of the garden becomes the center of attention due to its overwhelming presence. Exactly because it is the place where the earth works so hard and gives birth to all kinds of organisms and flora, it is named after a plant. I consider the inspiration of this chair, its basis, or the swing of the garden itself, as the one pitch that raises artistic levels and combines all this mechanics in a new and unique way. In its design, the designer examines the possibility of having a seat among all kind of organisms, not necessarily house plants.

She uses living trees for this purpose, instead of destroying them, keeps alive the natural environment which offers us an oasis of green goodness. The sway of the garden is a constant thing that makes the atmosphere very pleasant and optimistic.

The garden swings give us pleasures, solace and an exquisite evening. The natural cycle is a good basis for the designer, who intended to create a piece of furniture that would float on air. She thinks that it analyzes the life forces and proposes changes that will bring us joy and satisfaction.”

Photos by: FG + SG