There are a lot of great designs for the outdoor areas like the gardens or the terraces. And since gerberies are popular holidays for the whole family, many homes also have gardens or terraces with pathways. This means that you can move the party outside, or you can enjoy relaxing and pleasant moments there. These are just a few examples of some extraordinary bridges made from rocks and bent metal.


Beach houses are usually made of rocks and turtles found in the area. I’m not sure they even built this structure, but if you look at the shape and the fact that the roof has alternating slopes, I would go buy one. And when I do that, the picture is great.


Terrace roofs are usually small, but very decorative and they look beautiful down there because they reflect the sunlight and the sea in the best way. Design wise they are designed to allow you to admire the landscape by looking directly towards the beach.

Indoor garden.

Hoes might have different looks when you are inside, but they are always surrounded by vegetation. If you have a terrace or balcony you can use it as an interior garden. It will be a great thing to plant there and also to have a beautiful space where you can admire the landscape.

Decoist post.

Here is a great DIY project that is sure to get you in the right mood and you can enjoy it while you relax outside on the porch or in the garden. As we all know, there is nothing like sitting outside and admiring the surrounding landscape.This is a great way to relax outside on a sunny day.

Hanging dome.

If you have a large garden and you would like to lure your guests with a unique and original welcome, you can use some decorative rocks and create a hanging dome. Create a little nest . It will be great to watch the kids play while you make the sandwiches and salads or you can sit in the garden and look out the beautiful flower arrangements.

Outdoor pond.

If you have a little pet, you should know that cats especially love to play in the garden. So if you want to make a funny little picnic for them, you can bring out some flowerpots in the garden and just place them carefully on the deck, on the fence and on the lawn.