Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Room Divider Diy By Marechal Carusso

This intriguing room divider is designed by marechal carusso, part of a larger furniture collection including benches, poufs, industrial and backstools, and storage units. It allows you to divide up a large room into smaller spaces, using any of the […]

Build Corner Shelf By Superuse Studio

This is a unique piece of furniture designed by Superuse Studio, more exactly the designer in charge of the project. The “Crab” is part of a larger collection featuring many other equally beautiful and interesting pieces. The designer came up […]

Concrete Planter Diy Collection

Collect more plants and flowers in your garden with the concrete planter diy collection by Plantlife. The planters are raised above the ground and made of natural concrete, which makes them resistant to moisture and insects. They can be placed […]

Diy Space Divider By Tim Stet

It’s already summer and it’s hot and humid outside so you must consider making some moves if you don’t want to be stuck at home all the time. One of the simplest solutions would be to find a very simple, […]

Wall Corner Shelves

Whether your house is narrow or filled with big rooms, wall corner shelves would still look nice and functional. They are great in a home, especially if you purchase some for the lower price. Designed by Dan Yeffet from Venice, […]