Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Paint Truck, A Piece Of Modern Art

To call just a painting, this truck is something else. Enzo Cibic is a painting truck, a 100% artist’s creation. It has been created for the Kafkas gallery at the invitation of the Guruguro Makhno Awards, an international art fair […]

Air Plant Terrariums

If you want a fresh décor for your home, try to include plants or trees that produce green, moist soil. For the plants you can use terracotta pots, glass containers or other type of dry and transparent containers. If you […]

Window Picture Frame

I am sure you have at least one personal photo in your house. And usually they share the same picture, even if it is finished on a piece of paper and it is not a very good image, but they […]

Blue Offices From Sosnowski Home

Blue is the preferred choice for interior designs because it provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere, creating a calm atmosphere and letting the blue expand to cover more of the walls. It’s why blue is also a popular choice for […]