With tiny homes all over the planet, it’s no wonder that people find such spaces to be particularly challenging. Architects and designers have to face the challanger and to find a way to integrate a variety of small residential homes into large buildings and residential areas in order to be able to satisfy the clients’ needs and preferences. A great example in this case would be this tiny apartment.

The location was an issue that dictated the positioning of the apartment. As you can see, it feels cramped and tiny but, at the same time, it has an industrial-chic look with an edgy décor. It’s decorated with exposed pipes and has many other interesting features that give it character. Among those, we can mention the rustic ceiling light and the overall rough look of the walls.

Tiny Apartment Kitchen With A Rustic Backdrop Photo 2

It’s a beautiful guest apartment that found a way to turn the sleeping area into a cozy and inviting space. It has an open floor plan that houses a bedroom, a bathroom and a dining area. Its interior is simple and chic and even though it has a very small floor area, it doesn’t seem cluttered at all. In fact, all the decorative elements and accessories that are included in the décor contribute to an overall very pleasant and casual décor.

The bathroom is almost entirely white and this gives it a very clean look. It also adds a little bit of color but the predominant tone is the grey of the walls. The window is also white and it frames the view over the trees and the white and blue of the walls. The flooring is also white and this makes the room feel larger even though it’s small. The rest of the accent features are also white or pale colours, most of them natural tones.{found on Alvhem}.