Blue is the preferred choice for interior designs because it provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere, creating a calm atmosphere and letting the blue expand to cover more of the walls. It’s why blue is also a popular choice for the exterior of the buildings, especially for the terraces. Today we’re going to present you a selection of interior designs that perfectly illustrate this idea.

We were attracted by this offices because it’s not the usual office design. It’s not open or private and it doesn’t have elevators. It’s a more customized design that features specific window treatments and light colors. The windows are framed by glass walls, thus creating a very calm décor. Moreover, there are several other elements that make this place unique.

The designers of this place focused on creating a unique and personalized décor that would emphasize the company’s identity. They used colors such as blue, green, white and the always beautiful black and white combination and they also tried to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is a place that any employee would love and that would make work less stressful.

Blue Offices From Sosnowski Home Photo 3

Blue Offices From Sosnowski Home Photo 4