Spa ideas are most often associated with a resort or hot-tub area, but this is not the case for this luxurious Spa idea by Daniel Kalachy. A perfect retreat for the ultimate in relaxation, this unique bathroom design is a futuristic resort. In order to achieve this, the designer had chosen the tub as the main attraction, and gave it a totally new shape – a round one!

This oval shaped design is given a new edge by the rain-drip, which runs around the room before hitting the walls and disappearing. In a way, we could say that the water creates an optical lens, MPHK-A, that’s seen through the glass.

Spa Idea By Daniel Kalachy Photo 2

A washbasin, a perfect place to make a just before coffee bath, because it’s all about rest and rejuvenation, and not combat. The idea is to make a new space that reconnects you with yourself, like a place where you want to go to relax, and not fight the world as it stands there.

Photos via diainworks