It’s time to get inspired. Let’s see which colors would look best in our homes. Looking at this living room, it’s impossible not to notice the autumnal orange shade. It’s nice how all the colors are interconnected. Red and orange are always with each other. Also, notice how the rug integrates perfectly into the décor.

It’s not easy to combine the autumnal orange with other colors. But here it looks like it’s working really well combined with all the brown tones. In addition, the rest of the décor is very well balanced. The fact that the ceilings and the floor have similar colors reinforces this fact. The room has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, typical to autumn. It’s decorated with shades of brown and orange that create a nice contrast.

There’s not a lot of furniture so everything must be light and free as to maintain the atmosphere calm. Still, there’s plenty of storage space in the room as well. It’s a simple room with a little vintage flair. The bed in a quite small area, but it’s enough. Also, notice the artwork on the walls and the colors chosen for the rest of the décor. They all look nice together.