There’s not much you can do with a football field, except maybe to train for a big match. I’m not saying that would be a realistic goal but it’s definitely not the way to decorate your home. So maybe you can try to make some changes. For example, you can cover the walls with football-themed wallpaper.

The design features stencils with images of the American flags and the furniture is a typical sports car. It’s not a very effective way of decorating the house but on the other hand it’s a great way of forcing you to admit that you know what you’re doing. It’s a great way of bringing into your home a hobby or passion and of giving personality to your home.

Because of the theme chosen for the wallpaper, you could also choose a theme for the rest of the room as well. For example, you can make a statement wall featuring a famous image or theme. The colors featured by the wallpaper will be the elements that makes the room complete. So if you decide to decorate your walls with football-themed wallpaper, choose a wall that has the color of orange, blue, yellow or red. If you, on the other hand, choose a wall with a white or light-colored shade of wall then you can opt for white wallpaper.

Brick Design Wallpaper Photo 4

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