This is an office located in La Moraleja, Spain. Rustic elements appear all over, to give it an inviting and comfortable feel. Designed by Yulie Hidalgo Pons, this house accommodation uses a palette of natural materials, such as wood, stone and metal, and adorning its walls, the home office has a lot of glass walls that allow natural light to come in.

The office has a big bookcase on one side, that provides a lot of storage space for the owner’s books. Near this space is a small desk with chair that seems to be very comfortable, and a big drawer for storing different items. The chair has a rustic finish that seems to be present in other parts of the house, giving the home office a cozy and rustic look.

The home office gives the owners a comfortable working place that is both indoors and outdoors. Further more, besides the décor of the home office, we should mention that the dwelling has two pools, one on the ground and one on the first floor. When the pool is not used, we can find a good place for a barbecue, eating or relaxing on the terrace. For a cheaper alternative, we can choose to rent the home office instead of the ground floor.