Created by Italian architect Paola Lenti, this aquarium design will be placed in a modern glass-enclosed apartment in Milan, Italy.

The aquarium design comes in collaboration with Progetto San Francesco, a lighting company that is taking part in the design process.

This unique aquarium is a great way to add some fun and quirk to either the living room or home office.

The aquarium and the lighting by Progetto San Francesco:

“The aquarium was designed by Paolo Pedi, a senior designer and director of Scuba Home, a leading European manufacturer of functional and intelligent lighting. Thanks to his experience in the domain, he was appointed by the manufacturer—in 2003, he designed the Geneoidaruna, the first underwater light system. In 2004, he hired a young designer, to reinvent the Geneoidaruna in Mulino. With the Geneoidaruna, Pedi has created a special relationship with the Italian soft rock called Cienocava (Globium). The series of functional and intelligent lighting shows just how effective the cocktail of green and purple elements can be.

Thanks to Pedi’s shrewd ability to create minimal designs with rounded shapes and facets, the coral-like light above will simply pierce through and reflect on the calm facade, like a shallow pond. The tongue-in-cheek glass lamp by Swiss architect and artist Hans Hartung uses emerald greens, of all shades and certainly fits the tropical style.

This rain-sink lamp is by VietU Design & Luna. It is a beautiful floating garden lamp, and also allows you to have a piece of nature that is always in your sight. The rain drops are gently tipping over, bathing you in a warm glow, for a fraction of a cost — Zilenz, $29.

Made of reclaimed teak wood, this wall sconce, Grill, Line looks like fresh snow in the breeze. The natural tone of the wood, with light distressing and sand bleaching, will fit into any decor style.

At first glance you can’t even tell what piece this is: A piece of furniture with a water and glass combination, all mounted to a bronze frame that’s less rugged than granite or marble.

The Moon Light Pendant casts stunning shadows that look like ones of daytime deep space (cue wake up every morning).

The Moon Light Pendant can also be hung as a single unit, or in a grouping as a grouping, enabling a cascade of sparkling light from its glass globe lobes.

The geometric Shimmer series from La Corbiere uses hand-blown glass in a range of colors, and like the many other pieces in the collection, it is characterized by its lightening aspect.

The lovely Zoe floor lamp from CB2 is festooned over a sensual leather shade. The base and stand are crafted from painted iridescent pink metal in the same color setting as the shade.

CB2’s Bow Floor Lamp is accented in polished chrome.

Jalan, Jakarta, Indonesia

These bold and colorful pendants will bring some fun to your decor. The bright pendants are accented in vivid colors.


The Blue Chandelier from Pottery Barn has a whimsical, fairy tale look that’s perfect for a child’s room.

The Green Lacquer Pendant from Pottery Barn has a more delicate approach, with a softly bluish-green shade and a blob of sparkle.

The Teal Chandelier by KLEM is a glowing work of art that can double as a modern sculptural piece.

The Moto Light by D5 Interiors is an award-winning lighting design studio. Single-hanging light sources are illuminated by a stroked LED light source.

Incorporating an industrial look with modern elements and contemporary materials can be done in many ways: the Pix ergonomic stool and bench by Poltrona Frau Group is a sculptural statement piece made of coperized nylon.

The Capitol Rotate Alloy Marble Barstool by Antoni Associates is an industrial sculpture that can add industrial touches to your decor.

Codium Furniture by Gisele Taranto – ode to Ana Florenz

The traditional black frame detailing of the Codium collection by Gisele Taranto is presented in an upholstered frame with leather upholstery.

The Cosy collection is a multiclear sideboard with high performance MDF and ash veneer.

All photos © 2016 Gisele Taranto.