When you have a bunch of friends coming over for lunch, a problem appears in the kitchen. Not everybody has a bar in the kitchen so a different design for the bar starts to make all the difference. Today we’re going to present you a few DIY projects involving bar stools.

DIY Kitchen bar design.

We all have a nice home cinema. It’s a great way of getting to have a movie in the kitchen. A bar for that area needs to be comfortable and spacious. This project will teach you how to make your own. First you’ll need to purchase the materials. You’ll need 3 individual bar stools plus a kitchen table. After you have chosen them, all you need to do is drill pocket holes in them. This is a project that allows you to transform your kitchen into a whole family area.{found on homemade-modern}.

DIY kitchen island.

Another simple DIY project could be a kitchen island. First you’ll need to select the furniture you want to use. After that, start by cutting the pieces to size. After that, all you have to do is drill pocket holes in the board and install the legs. Finish the project then you can paint the island.{found on crookymom}.

Stainless steel bar cart.

This is a metal bar cart and it’s a wonderful DIY project. To make it, you’ll need stainless steel tubing, 4 skewers, 4 large washers, 4 stainless steel bolts, nylon cable-quickening steel and a saw. First you’ll need to sand the barrels. Then, when you’re happy with the design, start assembling the pieces.{found on thesuperkid}.

Laminate bar front door.

To make a similar design you’ll need one sheet of laminate, two handles or bamboo skewers, two removable plastic containers, a wooden circle, four handles, masking tape, a saw, sandpaper and a sealer. First measure the barrel and decide how the measurements should be. Then cut the laminate pattern for the frame and apply masking tape to the barrel. Join the parts together with tape and then smooth them out. Seal the parts and let them dry.{found on marthastewart}.

Reclaimed wood kitchen island.

This is a project similar to the previous one but featuring a different design. To make a similar piece you’ll need reclaimed wood, a drill, a saw and some screws. First measure the base of the island and decide how big you want it to be. Drill a hole at the center. Mark the place where the screws need to go. Drill a hole at the end of the piece and then drill a larger hole.

Reclaimed wood kitchen island.

This island has a more traditional design. It’s made from reclaimed wood and has a dark finish. The design is simple but it can be adapted to a variety of other interiors. First you should get all the materials from the hardware store, then you can start assembling the pieces. Use screws to make sure the pieces stay together. You can also stain the wood or you can paint it.{found on thekitchn}.

DIY coffee table.

The coffee table is the perfect addition to a kitchen. It’s the perfect piece to be near the kitchen island and you can put it anywhere you want. Of course, not all coffee tables are the same. So if you have one that you really like, don’t be afraid to personalize it. Add photos, put icons on it or decorate it in any way you want.{found on site}.