Open shelves are very practical in the office environment because they don’t occupy any space on the counter or desk and they are always accessible and easy to use. They’re particularly good at storing and displaying books than most other shelves. This is why designers have found numerous ways to make open shelves go beyond the basic and usual.

This is a very simple project. It consists of a framed glass sheet used as a shelf for sticking mugs and other small items to the wall. The shelf was created using two frames cut into three pieces of plexiglass and two half pieces of glass. Then a wood dowel was used to create the top part of the shelf. Clamp was then used to achieve the desired dimensions.

The two smaller portions of glass act as sleeves for the mugs. They conceal the contents of the drawers and storage compartments. In addition, the shelves are great for storing wrapping paper rolls. In case you decide to order some framed cardboard ones, you can opt for the different types of framing needed such as wood, metal, plastic or painted cardboard, etc. You can also choose the exact dimensions. You can make these shelves as big or as small as you want, in case you have some spare space in the house or if you simply find the right proportions. Do not forget to measure the space.

Office Floating Shelves By Egide Meertens Architecten Photo 4