I’ve always liked those clothes racks that come in handy when you need just a little extra storage space for your cloths. They’re usually very simple and just a screw. But there’s one way in which you can make your clothes rack more functional. It’s with a DIY shoe rack which you can build yourself. Follow the instructions that I give you in this tutorial and turn a simple garment rack into a little storage compartment for your shoes and the other accessories.

In order to make this shoe rack you’ll only need 1 folding shoe rack, some wood stain, wood screws, a drill and some paint. You can choose the color of your furniture pieces or the color of the walls. If you choose the second option then you’ll have to paint the structure white. Make sure you sand the wood and stain it. After that, you can start attaching the folding top risers. Leave them to harden and dry completely.

Also, before starting to build the rack, you’ll need some wood anchor, wood screws, a drill, scissors, a saw and some sandpaper. You’ll need to cut the wood into small pieces to make small platform ready for the shoe rack. In this case, the planks are made of wood plank. After you cut them to the desired dimensions, ensure them face one another and screw them together. After that is the really fun part. Make a little tape grid on the wall using tape. Add the shelves and you’re done.{found on designsponge}.

Diy Boot Rack From Urbanoutfitings Photo 4