Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pitched Ceilings By Matthijs Van Severen

Luxury is not always synonymous with low ceilings, as Matthijs van Severen puts emphasis on the high ceilings he puts up by designing the interior of his house from space-efficient panelling. This clever approach is reflected in the curvy look […]

Garden Window Ideas For A Space-lover

Window treatments can reveal the beauty of your house, even if the window itself is just having a sliver of glass or maybe that’s too harsh on the eyes. Garden window treatments allow you to enjoy the beautiful décor from […]

Kitchen Fireplaces By Antonio Lupi

Designed by Antonio Lupi and Manrico di Monteverano, the stylish Fireplace in the Kitchen is a functional centerpiece that does double duty as a stylish workstation. The smart fireplace has been cleverly concealed in the minimalist design, featuring a matte […]

What Is Patio Living?

Indoor living spaces are booming right now, and that includes out front, as well. Imagine the joy of picking up a book in the afternoon, alone in your wood-burning fireplace. Or the day fondly call the back of you goodbye […]

Color Palettes Pastel Colors

There’s no more conservative color palets than the ones you would expect to find in traditional homes, or other styles. The color palette of a room can be red, blue, green, yellow, or anything in between. Colors not only have […]

Bohemian Dining Room Furniture By Jessica Larrinac

Today we’re going to explore the world of dining rooms that are part of a huge relaxation and entertainment zone. The combination of modern furniture and classical accents creates something unique that is perceived as sophisticated and elegant. Bohemian dining […]