Everyone has at least one or two decorative items that they would like to keep somewhere. And when you think about it, it’s a very nice and original way of decorating your home. So when you’re a good decorator you know exactly what to choose and you just put everything where it belongs and under the pile on the shelves. But when you want to share something with the rest of the house, you just have to choose something different. And this particular piece of furniture is perfect for this.

It’s an unusual china cabinet, but this doesn’t make it any less interesting. It has a very beautiful flower motif painted on the front. It’s something that everyone would like to have in their homes. When asked how it got its original look, the owners of this cabinet said it was a handcrafted piece of furniture. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s lacking elegance, but it’s rather simple.

I personally like the color combination and the way the two colors complement each other. The floral motifs go very well together. And the simple and elegant design. It’s a very stylish cabinet, perfect for the dining room or the living room. You can have it for $3,995.