Have you ever thought that your shoes can look more interesting if arranged in different ways or a more abstract way? It’s an interesting idea and it definitely works when you have so many pairs of shoes, for each of them. This shoe rack allows you to arrange them in a very selective way. It might seem like a strange choice, especially for the hallways where everybody is looking for shoes.

This shoe rack features a total of nine storage shelves that are arranged in a radial manner. It’s a sort of shelves arranged in a line. The not showing spaces in this arrangement look somewhat like a baleen. This shoe rack has a very simple design and it has a geometrical shape with a female anthropomorphism. It’s a very attractive piece for the hallway and it would make a great addition to any home. The shelves are made of wood and they have a very nice golden finish that would complement perfectly any room.

If you are interested, you can collect it for about 67.24 euro. Other features include a folding mesh screen, plastic feet, protective coat, shelf cloth, guide, 8 screws and bolts and a drill. It might not seem like a complicated item but it will bring style to your home and it might also provide you with an idea of how to clean your shoes.

Shoes Rack Design That Hides Your Favorites Photo 4