Today we would like to present you a very nice DIY project involving kitchen backsplash. Whether you are looking for a nice place to start your day or to finish it, this is the perfect project.

This particular design was created using a Eucalyptus tree limb freezer and a concrete mix. A rubber band was also added so there will be no sharp edges in the kitchen. The result is a nice place to live for a customer or a professional. If you are interested in the rest of the details, click here.

If you started this project already, then you can find all the information about how to get the job done. If you need some more details, then you can find them in this video tutorial. Or you can just watch the full video tutorial after the video tutorials. In the end, the result is nothing short of satisfactory and well-done.

Kitchen Backsplash Diy Project By Ander Lizaso Photo 3

Kitchen Backsplash Diy Project By Ander Lizaso Photo 4